"We Can Do This !"
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FAQs about the
“We Can Do This” presentation

Who should attend the  presentation?
The presentation is designed primarily for high school students and middle school students.     

How long is the presentation?  What size audience is best?
Forty-five minutes is ideal. The length can be adjusted slightly to fit your school schedule. Thirty
minutes is the minimum. In terms of audience size, the more the better-- as long as the sound
system is adequate and the visuals screen can be seen by all.  

How do you talk to young people about a serious topic like global warming?
I talk briefly with the students about what’s going on and why it’s happening. They don’t need gloom
and doom, but they deserve truth and they need to understand the situation. Mostly, however, I talk
to them about possibilities-- about what can be done, and about the exciting opportunities they
have to participate in this changing world. I want the students to leave the auditorium energized for
action, not scared into denial. I want students to know they have the power to start changing their
world today-- that we can do this!

Is your presentation political?
No. I am not affiliated with  any political party and I don’t talk about politics in the presentation.  
However, I do talk about democracy and about our civic responsibilities to speak out, voice our
opinions, and to participate in keeping our country on a responsible course. I encourage students
to communicate with their government representatives and I show them how to do that. Most
students are amazed to learn that they can contact their representatives and have a voice in
government even before they can vote.

Why is it important for students to hear your presentation?
I believe that the actions of the next generation will be pivotal in the course of history. They are
inheriting a planet that’s in serious condition. We owe them at least an explanation about what’s
happening and we need to give them tools to deal with it. The most important tool we can pass on is
knowledge. There’s a lot of confusion and misdirection about global warming. Powerful forces are
still working to keep the public confused and in denial. Yet invariably, when people understand what’
s really happening, what’s at stake and what can be done about it, they will accept the challenge
and step up to the plate. I find that encouraging.  

Our students have already seen "An Inconvenient Truth" and read the gloomy headlines,  
so why do they need your program?
My presentation picks up where "An Inconvenient Truth" left off. The film does a wonderful job of
defining the problems and challenges we face. However, the situation can be overwhelming for
students. I worry that fear and frustration can lead to denial and inaction. My goal is to energize
students with the hope and opportunity of this challenge... to give them the confidence to step up to
the plate.  My program turns fear and frustration into positive energy. And then I show the students
how to turn that energy into action.               PO Box 126 - Gladwyne, PA 19035  USA                tel. (610) 724-7709          
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