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Motivating Minds, Inspiring Change
Mr. Butera's speech is engaging, positive and uplifting for
students, yet it is also informative and realistic. He breaks
down our environmental challenges into logical, concrete
solutions that students can implement right now and in their
Jay Butera presents:
“We Can Do This !"
upbeat thinking on sustainablity, global warming and
the students’ amazing power to change their world
Empowering Students to Change Their World     
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An inspiring Presentation for School Assemblies
“We Can Do This” is a 45-minute multi-media presentation
delivered live by Jay Butera. It is designed to motivate,
inspire and inform students about the power they have to
change their world, create sustainable systems and stop
global warming.
On Thinking Big and Moving Mountains
Jay Butera encourages students to think big and apply their
education to the real-world challenges confronting us.
These concepts extend beyond global warming to teach
students that in whatever they pursue they can move
mountains with the positive impact of knowledge, passion,
and a focused can-do attitude.
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Jay Butera delivers his powerful message to students,
educators and community groups across America
"Students can move mountains," Butera says. "I've
seen it happen over and over!"
Motivating, challenging, empowering....   Jay Butera
inspires students to use their knowledge and passions
to change the world.
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