We can stop global warming !
Here's what you can do today...
Switch to clean electricity in 10 minutes...
Coal-fired electricity generation is the single largest cause of global warming. 60% of
America's electricity is made by burning coal. But you don't have to buy it. In just a few
minutes you can switch to pollution-free, renewable electricity made from wind, solar
and other clean sources. This might be the most important step you can take to stop
global warming right now. Clean electricity costs a little more than electricity made from
dirty coal, but what is the cost of polluting our planet and global warming?  Go green
today, and you'll feel better when you flip the switch tomorrow. You are just one click
away. Philadelphia Area Sources of Clean Electricity:
The Energy Co-Op - Clean Electricity
Change a light bulb, Change the world...
Regular old light bulbs are so low tech and inefficient !  They are wasting your money and their
electrical consumption is a major cause of global warming.  Switch to these  compact fluorescent
lights and you will reduce your energy bills and help stop global warming.  Compact fluorescent
lights use 75% LESS electricity than those old-fashioned light bulbs.  And they last about 13 times
longer, so you won't be buying and changing bulbs so often. FACT:  If every home in America
changed JUST ONE of their lights to compact fluorescent, it would reduce global warming gas
emissions by the same amount as taking 1.5 MILLION cars off the road. Each compact fluorescent
bulb will save you $30 - $50 in electricity and bulb costs.  Widely available at home center and
hardware stores, just screw them into regular lamp sockets, enjoy for years, recycle when finished.
Demand change, write to your Representatives...
It's your government, tell them what you want. Tell them that you want to stop global
warming and that you want clean energy and efficient cars now.  Tell them that the
environment will be a top issue when you select  candidates to support.  It's easy to
write to your representatives online at congress.org.  Just enter your zip code and they'll
put you in instant contact with your representatives.  On the same site  you can sign up
for MegaVote which will send you email telling you how your representative vote on each
Bill and it will inform you of what bills are coming up for votes. Write early, write often.
Tell your representatives that
you want bold action now !
Learn more so you can talk it up...
The more you know, the more you can tell others about what's happening.  Learn about
the issues and the solutions. There are lots of good sources for information, here are
two places to start:
Union of Concerned Scientists
"We Can Do This !"
You can easily buy clean electricity. Pull
the plug on dirty coal-fired generators.
Offset your emissions right now... with TerraPass
In the next 10 minutes, you can take the bold action of offsetting nearly all of the
greenhouse gases caused by your home and lifestyle.  They're called carbon offsets
because you pay money to fund greenhouse gas reduction projects like windmills,
solar power, and other forms of pollution-free energy that will offset the CO2 you cause
with your cars, home energy and air travel.  It's so easy, you'll feel better fast !  Of
course, we still need to directly reduce the greenhouse gases we are causing, but this
is a great way to start. Be sure to display your pass and sticker on your vehicle so
others will get the right idea.
It's viral !
This cool bumper sticker
helps othersget the right idea !
Compact Fluorescent lights (above) use
75% LESS electricity and cause 75% less
greenhouse gas emissions.
Get organized, get going...
If your school already has an organization to stop global warming, jump in and get going.  If your school doesn't yet
have one, start one as soon as possible. Link with other schools and start something really big !
See the movie, pass it on...
If you haven't seen the movie, "An Inconvenient Truth", drop everything and get yourself to
Blockbuster! This may be the most important film you will ever see. Rent it, buy it, or
borrow it.  Have a party to watch the film with friends.  If you've already seen the film,
encourage others to see it. Have them over for a showing. Your school may have copies
available to borrow. Many libraries have copies available, too !  You can also buy it online
or in stores.
Buy DVD from  Amazon.com
Download Digital Movie From Amazon.com
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Inflated tires save energy & reduce emissions...
"Imagine you found a way to fairly effortlessly save 3 Billion gallons of gas, $7.6 Billion,
and reduce 52 billion lbs of CO2. You would be pretty happy right?" Well, according to
TerraPass founder Tom Arnold, that's a rough calculation of what could happen if every
car in America had properly inflated tires. Squooshie tires don't roll as easily as properly
inflated tires so they use more energy.Properly inflated tires also last longer and they're
safer because they handle better. Make it a habit to check your tires once each month.
About.com - Tire Pressure Saves Lives & Energy
Tom Arnold's Tire Inflation Calculations
Carnegie Mellon Students Study on Tire Pressure
Sign Up For Jay Butera's Action Alerts...
Sometimes simple actions, like a quick email to your Congressman about a pending
bill, can be extremely effective. I look for these opportunities as I monitor the issues of
energy and global warming. When I find something really worthwhile, I will send an
Action Alert to let you know. If you choose to act on an alert, It usually takes just a few
seconds and a couple of clicks.  
Sign Up for Jay's Action Alerts
Bring Jay Butera's  "We Can Do This" event
to your school...
The "We Can Do This" presentation is a 45-minute multi-media presentation delivered
live by
Jay Butera. With  music, graphics and compelling speech, his talk will inspire and
inform your group about the power they have to change their world and stop global
warming. The event is positive and uplifting, yet it is also informative, objective and
realistic.  Click here for
more information.
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No matter what car you drive,
you can save gas, money and
reduce global warming by
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