"We Can Do This !"
How To Schedule a Presentation
The “We Can Do This” presentation is available to qualified groups
and schools. For details on scheduling a presentation at your
school, please
contact us or call (610) 642-1800.          PO Box 126 - Gladwyne, PA 19035  USA         tel. (610) 642-1800         
What Students Say:
"I have always heard people say that one person can make a difference in your
life. In my life, you have been that person. Thank you. I hope you can do that
for other people too." - Allen B.
"The pictures were amazing. The photo of the North Pole really made me
think about how the world is changing." - Julie G.
"Dear Mr. Butera,
"Thank you for coming to our school...
I think you will change the world!" - Courtney
"You have amazing ideas... You inspired me in so many ways.
Thank you again!" - Josh O.
"Thank you so much for talking to us about what we can do as students to save
the environment. For the past couple of weeks I have been thinking about what
you said. You have great ideas. I hope you get your point across so you can help
the world become a better place." - Mackenzie H.
"Thank you for talking to us. I was amazed when I heard about
all the things we can do. Now I am inspired to help the world.
I loved your presentation!" - Sammi C.
"I was amazed at all the ways we can help our environment. Now I am inspired
to help change the world and to try to stop global warming.  --Kara M.
"Thank you for showing me the way we are supposed to take care of our earth.
Thank you for helping us." -Rachael F.
"Your presentation was great fun to watch and i learned so many things!
It really has me thinking about what is happening to the earth and what
we can do." --Sabrina P.
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