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gladwyne, PA
Most of the electricity for our home in Gladwyne, PA  
comes from this 5-kilowatt photovoltaic system of solar
panels. The panels are mounted on our southwest roof.

Our system is "grid connected" which means If we make
more  electricity than we use, it actually sells the power
back to the utility grid. Then, if we need more electricity
than we are making, it draws power automatically from
the grid. We make sure that any electricity purchased
from the grid comes from 100% renewable sources like
Energy Coop or PECO Wind - no coal for this house!

The first thing people ask about our solar power system
is "Does it pay for itself?"  I say, "Compared to what?"
You cannot compare the cost of power from this
beautiful, clean system to power produced by burning
dirty fossil fuels like coal. The price you pay to your
coal-fired electric utility does not include the incalculable
costs of the pollution, health problems, and catastrophic
global warming caused by burning fossil fuels like coal.  
We all pay those costs, but they're not on your electric

So show me another energy system that makes 100%  
pollution-free electricity, makes no noise, has no moving
parts, needs almost no maintenance, and contributes
nothing to global warming-- then we can compare prices!
Jay Butera
The Butera's Solar House
Installation by Mesa Energy
of Malvern, PA took about 3 days
These inverters, located in our garage, turn DC power
from the solar panels into AC power for our home.
Excess electricity is automatically sold through the grid
through to the Energy Coop.          PO Box 126 - Gladwyne, PA 19035  USA         tel. (610) 642-1800         
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