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Jay Butera is an entrepreneur, writer and
speaker living near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
A graduate of Brown University and the
Haverford School, he has independently
studied the issues and  technologies of energy
and global warming for over twenty years.

As a writer, Mr. Butera has written about a wide
range of topics including maritime issues,
business, health and travel.  His articles have
appeared in newspapers and magazines
Fortune Small Business, American
Health, Yankee Magazine, Travel Holiday
Magazine, GQ, National Fisherman, The
Farmer’s Almanac, Newsday, The Providence
and The Chicago Tribune.  In 2006,
his first-person account of the process of
selling one of his businesses was featured in
Fortune Small Business magazine and on CNN.

An avid sailor, Mr. Butera studied maritime
history and writing at Brown University and
studied celestial navigation in subsequent
years. In 1995 he sailed from the United States
to Bermuda using only traditional celestial
navigation methods.  

In 1979 he worked on commercial ships
involved in the salvage and containment of the
runaway blowout of the Ixtoc-1 offshore oil well
in the Gulf of Mexico. The Ixtoc-1 disaster was
an underwater gusher which spewed 30,000
barrels of oil each day for almost nine
months.   To this day it is considered the
largest oil spill in history.
About Jay Butera
photo by Henrik Olund
At the site of the Ixtoc-1 oil well disaster, Mr.
Butera gained firsthand knowledge about the
hazards of offshore drilling and he began
formulating opinions about the world’s dangerous
reliance on fossil fuels. “I watched that mess of
crude oil gushing into the Gulf, out of control
week after week. I saw the waters literally burning
as oil and gas poured out. I felt the heat of those
flames and watched the  slick spread all the way
to Texas. That experience changed me forever,”
he has said.    

In recent years, Mr. Butera turned his attentions
to his life-long passion for environmental
conservation and energy efficiency. His
experiments in alternative energy began in 1990
and eventually led to the installation of a 5
kilowatt solar photovoltaic system
at his
Pennsylvania home. That system, which has
operated without down-time for over four years,  
was the first full-scale solar power installation in
his home township.

Mr. Butera is not affiliated with any political
organization and he does not represent any
environmental group or industry organization.  
Therefore  his presentations are objective and
spin-free -- based entirely  upon his own
experiences, observations and research.  
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